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Ginger Hair Care Growth Serum

Ginger Hair Care Growth Serum

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Product Name: Hair Growth
Specifications: 30ml
Effect: This oil is enriched with multiple natural nutrients that enter the hair follcle roots, repair & activate the Thai hair follicles, increase nutrient absorption and accelerate hair growth.
For the people suffering from hair loss
●Seborrheic alopecia
●Hair loss after hair coloring
●Postpartum hair loss
●Receding hair line
●Stress induced baldness
●Deep enter repair
●Anti hair loss
●Anti curls
Natural herbal ingredients
●Wheat germ
●Pumpkin seeds
End hair loss
Nutritional ingredients repair hair from the store in time, so that the hair from the store is highlighted and strengthened, hair roots no longer fall out.
●The essence of plant vitality permeates the hair follicle wall and injects hair growth power.
●Wake the dormant of hair follicles, improve supply capacity and new hair stem.
●Adhere to use, so the new hair is gradually thicker and firmer.
Solve hair loss problems with four steps
1, activate hair follicles
2, unify hair
3, regenerate hair
4, thicken hair
How to use
Take an appropriate amount of essential oil, apply evenly from the hairline to the tip of the hair, gently massaging the scalp with your fingers until absorbed.
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