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U.S.A Imported Pro Version 3 in1 Vacuum Cleaner, Wireless, rechargeable, portable, handy

U.S.A Imported Pro Version 3 in1 Vacuum Cleaner, Wireless, rechargeable, portable, handy

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U.S.A Pro Version Vacuum+Blower (High Power)


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Super suction gets rid of all the dust and debris you couldn't reach before! 

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A super strong fan blows away dust without residue! 

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It can also inflate the balloons easily!

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It can also be used as a vacuum compressor, sucking air, keeping fresh, preventing moisture, preventing spoilage, and isolating bacteria!

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Vacuuming: This feature suggests that the device is capable of sucking up dirt, dust, and debris from floors, carpets, and other surfaces. It likely includes attachments or different modes for various cleaning tasks such as sweeping, mopping, or even cleaning upholstery


Product features: high-quality, high-value, very strong texture, three-in-one multi-function machine for three purposes!

Adopt aluminum fan blades, a large turbo motor, and 2 large-capacity lithium batteries with a total of 450 mAh! Long battery life + strong high power!

Equipped with American, European, British, Australian, and GB chargers

【Product name】: New handheld wireless charging car and home dual-use wet and dry vacuum cleaner

【Product Model】:JB-107

【Product brand】: Nikone

[product packaging]: white full English color box packaging, Chinese and English double-sided instructions

[product color]: gray, army green

【Material】: ABS

[Packaging weight]: net weight: 0.40KGS gross weight: 0.560KGS

【Package size】: 185mm*160mm*60mm

【Rated voltage】: DC 7.4V

[Vacuum Degree]: About 4000Pa for wireless charging

【Rated speed】: 8000rpm/min

[Lithium battery type battery capacity]: 2000mAh

[Charging method]: 5V USB boost charging cable

[rated power]: 120W

【Product noise】: ≤84dB

【Use temperature】: -20℃~+50℃

[USB cable length]: about 1m

[Product accessories]: straw 1pcs, brush 1pcs, (1 set of swimming ring inflatable suction set) manual 1pcs, USB charging cable 1pcs, host 1pcs,

【Instructions for use】:

1. Check whether the battery is fully charged.

2. Turn on the switch.

3. Replace different nozzles for use according to different occasions.

4. This product is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. When absorbing water, you should open the front cover in time to drain the water.

5. The rechargeable battery USB displays red for normal charging and green for full charge.

6. The charging time is about 3-4 hours, and it can last for about 30 minutes when fully charged.


1. The filter must be installed when using.

2. Do not expose to direct sunlight or use in places with high temperature and high pressure.

3. Do not wipe the body with gasoline or volatile detergents.

4. The front shell cannot be taken off when the motor is rotating.

5. This product is a vehicle tool, and it is forbidden for children to use it alone to avoid danger.

6. Pay attention to the water level of the front cover when absorbing moisture.

7. When removing foreign objects in the gap, please put on a duckbill straw.

8. Under normal conditions, it can usually be used for half an hour and does not affect the battery of the car.

9. After using this product, please turn off the switch, * when removing the civilian objects from the mesh bag, press the fastening button, and then pour out the foreign objects.

Unleash the power of ultra-suction technology to eliminate dust and debris from every unreachable corner, ensuring a spotless and thoroughly clean!

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